Hepatitis C Virus Resources

Welcome to HCV.com, an educational site dedicated to providing information and resources to healthcare providers who want to learn more about hepatitis C.

HCV.com Overview

Watch this brief visual tour of the valuable tools and resources available on HCV.com.

Healthcare provider who treats hepatitis C.

The Fight Against HCV

Learn how you can help eliminate HCV as a global health burden by meeting targets for diagnosis, treatment, incidence, and mortality set by the World Health Organization.

Two doctors reviewing the case of a patient with hepatitis C.

Provider Resources

Access AbbVie Quick Reference Guides on all phases of care, including pretreatment assessment, screening, and follow-up, as well as HCV patient brochures in both English and Spanish.

A healthcare provider caring for a patient with hepatitis C.

HCV Academy

Start your educational journey to an understanding of fibrosis, cirrhosis, patient perspectives, and provider insights with short educational modules covering a range of topics related to hepatitis C.

A female patient with hepatitis C.

Seeing the Unseen

Choose from four unique patient profiles to begin exploring who is most at risk for HCV–and why.

A healthcare provider sitting in her office and speaking about hepatitis C.

Resource Finder

Our Resource Finder can help you quickly and easily find the information you need, no matter where you are in your HCV management journey.