HCV Academy

The academy is designed to provide healthcare providers with short educational modules covering a range of topics related to hepatitis C.

Having confidence in screening and diagnosis HCV starts here. Start your educational journey to a comprehensive understanding of fibrosis and cirrhosis:

PWID Overview

PWID Overview Video

The epidemiology of HCV infection is changing. Learn about HCV transmission and the goal of achieving elimination.

The Impact of Cure Beyond Clinical Outcomes

Discover the candid thoughts of a patient after becoming HCV-free.

Advice for Other Patients with HCV

Hear a patient’s advice for others who struggle with injection drug use and HCV.

Provider Perspective

HCV Care for PWID – Anne Øvrehus

Learn more about a physician’s experience caring for patients with HCV.

HCV Outreach in Addiction Medicine – Lorna Harrison

Better understand the role that community outreach plays in the effort to eliminate HCV.

Check back often for new educational series.